Something Stopping You From Your Favourite Foods?

I like a cold beer as much as the next guy. Pair that with any sports competition and I’m good. Whether its football, N.B.A or Cricket World Cup, the guys always link up at my place for the finals.

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And what’s a link up without some liquor, wings and pizza.

But when the game is over, and everyone goes home, the wings and pizza fight back. I didn’t think anyone would really notice that I was hold backing from my usual eating habits but some of the guys did.

Heartburn was becoming something that was controlling what I ate on a regular basis. I had to start planning around certain foods and activities. I researched the triggers that cause the burning feeling. Turns out

  • Alcohol
  • Citrus foods and citrus products
  • Caffeinated beverages (e.g.: soda, coffee)
  • Spicy foods
  • Large meals

are all possible triggers of heartburn.

So is the solution to avoid a quarter of the food I normally eat? What about eating half of what my regular portion size is, while all the guys are still at it?

You know I tried that for a while and it still didn’t completely get rid of it. So now I’m on a restrictive diet and I still get heartburn and indigestion at times. What’s the point?

Then my friend realized I was starting to struggle with this and he recommended Federgel . It comes as chewable tablets so there are no hard pills. And there’s Federgel Plus in case gas is one of your symptoms.

Federgel Plus relieved my heartburn and indigestion so I can get back to that cold beer, wings and pizza with the guys.

Now after the game night there’s no fight back.

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