Children’s Cetamol Cold Liquid

Being a single mom of two has its ups and downs. My little ones are the center of my world and when they’re not feeling their best, I feel it

What Nutrients Are You Lacking?

There are all different kinds of supplements these days. At times it may feel overwhelming with the wide array of options that are available for different ages, stages and genders.

Can You Prevent Miscarriage?

It is difficult to cope with the loss of a child, regardless of their age. That includes dealing with miscarriage. Patients who have had miscarriages are always in search of

Something Stopping You From Your Favourite Foods?

I like a cold beer as much as the next guy. Pair that with any sports competition and I’m good. Whether its football, N.B.A or Cricket World Cup, the guys

What Nutrients Are Your Kids Missing Out On?

It’s difficult to convince picky eaters to eat all their vegetables or whatever food they find problems with. This can pose a challenge with trying to create a balanced diet

DPH Allergy Cream

I’ve always wanted to go to camp. Every September when I hear my friends recount their summer adventures at the various camps and retreats they went on in the weeks

Get Back To Being You

You know you’re not you when you’re hungry….? Well, you’re also not you when you are menstruating. Women seem to have been making strides in modern society in all spheres

Get Back To What You Do

“Work hard, Play hard” is my life’s motto. This carries over into football training. During training for Manning Cup my life is literally: Eat Sleep Train Repeat That’s the only

8 Ways to Use Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is a renowned medical cleaning agent that resides in first aid kits across the world. But you might be under-utilizing and under-appreciating your FP Hydrogen Peroxide by only