Children’s Cetamol Cold Liquid

Being a single mom of two has its ups and downs. My little ones are the center of my world and when they’re not feeling their best, I feel it too.

Honest mom confession: Whenever I can, I will always opt to stay home and take care of my sons when they are ill, but sometimes it’s hard to take off time from work and I wish I could snap my fingers and *TA-DA*kids are all better.

When my younger son started basic school I expected him to go through the separation tantrum that most little children experience on the first day of school. They cry their eyes out, hold on to your legs for dear life and look at you with those adorable eyes questioning “How could mommy/daddy abandon me in this strange place?” Shortly after you leave they find their new best friend in life.

My first child walked me through this hence I emotionally prepared myself so I wouldn’t be the one shedding tears from separation anxiety.

What I wasn’t prepared for, however, was my little one becoming sick because of the new environment and new people. His older brother wasn’t fazed by that and I wasn’t looking out for it with the little one.

Day three he had the flu. I was convinced. So I did what any practical mom would. Call someone who seems to know more than you for assistance. So I called my mother and of course she recommended rest, tea and roasted sour orange as her mother taught her.

My five year old was not having that sour orange at all. This was one of those moments where I wish I could just snap my fingers and….*TA-DA* all better.

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Then I remembered my sister talking about how fast Children’s Cetamol Cold worked for my niece. I ran out to the nearest pharmacy and saw both the daytime and night time formula and got both just in case.

They worked like a charm. He came home sick the Friday and the night time formula allowed him to sleep through the night. No coughing to keep him (or the rest of us) up at night. The daytime formula had him to be jumping around and playing with other kids in Sunday school.

And guess what?

No days off work or school.

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