Get Back To What You Do

“Work hard, Play hard” is my life’s motto. This carries over into football training. During training for Manning Cup my life is literally:

  • Eat
  • Sleep
  • Train
  • Repeat

That’s the only way you can get better right? Well, sometimes we push ourselves too hard and if we don’t slow down, something else usually happens to make us slow down.

After over-doing it in a training session, I still decided to participate in a practice match the following day. The second wrong move of three.

What was the third? I already had overworked muscles. On top of that, I did an awkward sprint trying to avoid collision with an oncoming opponent.

I had a minor hamstring strain three weeks out from the official start of the football season.

So I made some bad decisions and it was time to make some good ones. Going to physio and taking time off the field helped, but honestly there was still some soreness here and there when I returned. Then doc recommended FP Doctor Bird Balm.

Whenever I needed it, I applied it to my minor strain and it took care of the muscle aches so I could get back to doing what I’m good it.

If any athlete I knew had issues with muscle pains/soreness in general, this would be the first thing I’d recommend.

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